Thursday, March 10, 2011

Made in America

I have been following ABC's World News Tonight's feature, Made in America and decided to look at some of my own things. To my dismay, my bears, who keep me company while I type, and are quiet while I tear the house apart no matter how much they might want to talk back, are all made in China!

Some yarn, however, is made in America. Below is a small knitted pocket that I am making from some left over Dazzelaire, a Caron acrylic. On the back of the label is a small logo that reads, "Made with pride in the USA". I have had the yarn for sometime though and could not find where the yarn is currently made when I went to the company's website.

Here is the yarn in its wrapper along with the pocket or pouch, which I am designing to be worn over a belt. My new wheelchair has a belt and such a pouch would be most useful, I think and might be useful to others as well.

Sometime ago I made a wrap-around or circular shawl using this yarn and it has seen much use and washed well.

Another scarf from another Caron yarn, Simply Soft is here.

The star in the label below to the far left has the made with pride in the USA wording around it.

Finally, I found a swatch in another color of the Simply Soft, that I will probably make into a small purse or another over the belt pouch.

I am grateful to find some things "Made in America" in my house. Can't help wondering if the hand-dyed yarn that I have thoroughly enjoyed using, which is largely natural-fiber and more high end, is also made in America.

Knitting again is also good. It is something that I missed while I was in the hospital and wasn't sure I could take up again, since the set-up of the new wheelchair is so different from the old one. But accommodations and adaptations are being made almost daily here proving that one is never too old to learn. I am grateful for this too.

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