Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winter Tomatoes

These are a number of the tomatoes that didn't make it to become fried green tomatoes. Yummy as they are, I am enjoying them ripe. Tomatoes at Christmas and New Year's--definitely strange!

It is cold today and sunny. There is something pristine about the seer winter landscape that I love. It is so beautiful in its own way. The trees, barren of leaves, are almost sculptural. The light is different too, without all the filtered green of spring and fall as the leaves change the color of the light and provide shadow too.

I am looking forward to spring this year with new daffodils and tulips planted and two Amaryllis plants growing inside. Now is the time to plan the spring garden as seed catalogs supplant Christmas catalogs. The Christmas decorations will remain up a bit longer, though. I always have a hard time letting go of Christmas.

Tomorrow the New Year begins in earnest as the new work week starts. For those who are employed, I pray that your jobs will hold. For those who are seeking work, may your search be successful.

I am grateful for this time of visits from friends and Christmas, even though it has been cold and grateful too, that it wasn't colder. No faucet dripping to keep the pipes from freezing so far this year and we are on the lengthening day side of the solstice now. Much to be glad for.

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