Friday, January 23, 2009

Tulips, Let Love Bloom

To the right you can see a slideshow loading of various objects for sale at my Cafepress shop with a design that I am especially pleased by, "Tulips, Let Love Bloom". The colors are bright and cheerful, the design is suitable for Valentine's Day but will last throughout the year. It would be particularly pretty at this cold and dreary time of the year.

There are other designs there too and I particularly love the peace design that I made to honor my father and the love in many languages design. Now if I could just figure out how to promote myself more effectively and more efficiently.

Today we are getting drizzle instead of the rain we really need.

Today is also the day when I deal with re-arranging the Christmas decoration boxes. Every year I plan to do this so that it will make taking everything out and putting it up easier the next time. Every year, I do it again. Some year I may get it "just right". (Then I can die and go to heaven--if I haven't died already before I make this milestone achievement.)

I love the old, old calendar, the one that says the Christmas season ends on Candlemas, February 2. That gives me plenty of time to savor the decorations which do brighten the house during the dreary, short day month of January.

The downside is (why is there always a downside?) that by the time I have everything tucked away again, the rest of the world is getting ready for Valentine's Day... Oh well. Ash Wednesday is usually right around the corner too.

Two Amaryllis buds are starting to bloom on the kitchen counter. These are always so much fun to watch, for they literally change on an almost hourly basis. Another pot has a short bloom stalk--totally unlike all the others I have had which go so high that I have to move them away from the underside of the kitchen cabinets. It will be interesting to see if it just gives up on growing and goes right to blooming.

I am grateful for company for lunch today and cooking a nice meal to share as well as the flowers that will bloom soon.

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