Thursday, January 22, 2009

Triumphs Large and Small

Tuesday I paused in my life and watched the inauguration. It was amazing. It was marvelous and I love the new President, his family and the joy and exultation that came to Washington that day. I hope that hope and patriotism and joy will prevail. That is the large triumph.

Last night and this morning I rejoiced and gave thanks as I listened to the rain, a sound we have not heard frequently enough this year. Everyone please pray.

I spent this afternoon in frustration trying to add a slideshow to this blog. Finally, it worked! Oh hurray!

The tulip design is a photo of one tulip that a friend brought me last Easter. I love the way the elements came together and the fact that while it would make a nice Valentine present, it can be used all year long. It is available at my cafepress shop. Click on the link to the right in the links section and then on the Valentine section.

I spent a little time knitting and indulging in "guilty pleasure" tv--NCIS. So all in all, not a bad day and I am grateful.

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