Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday I spent a good part of the afternoon outside, where it was a little too cold for comfort for this "old polio." My friend K was pruning roses and doing other things in my little corner of the outside world, so I couldn't resist. I had to go inside and grab the camera to record the fact that Spring is definitely coming soon.

First there is this glorious purple Iris, the gift of a friend who thinned her bed of Irises last summer. K planted them in the Fall and they have been fending for themselves since then.

I love the glorious color and I love the beards, too.

Then I was coming back up the ramp to my porch, I noticed the daffodil buds. Flowers will be here soon, I am sure.

We need rain. Who do we make a novena to for rain? I am so grateful for the flowers.

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