Saturday, September 6, 2008

Will it Ever be Cool Again?

It feels like it will never be cool again. The fog, which I love, seems to be sulking somewhere out to sea and our beautiful sea breeze along with it. Natural air conditioning is much nicer and less costly than artificial air, but for the last few days as the temperature soared to 97 degrees, I have wished that I could just flip a switch.

I console myself with the knowledge that in two weeks it will be fall--except that fall is our warmest season, at least at the beginning.

Of course, I love fall for the holidays and because it signals new beginnings, this year even more than usually because of the election.

Meanwhile, the tomatoes and basil that I posted about on Tuesday have continued to grow. The tomatoes seem to be growing exponentially. One day, I thought they seemed bigger in the evening than they were in the morning. Unlike corn in the Midwest that can be heard growing, they aren't making any sound, just quietly filling their grow bags. The roses are thriving too. As long as they have plenty of water, they seem to like the heat.

The days are getting shorter and we will be turning our attention to indoor activities. Soon it will be time for holiday preparations. Summer's heat will be a haze of the past. I will be glad for that, even as I dream of next summer's garden.

Grateful that the fog is supposedly on the way and that the weather will moderate, I hope to post more regularly next week.

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