Monday, December 1, 2014

Newest Christmas Products! I am so excited.

This year I have made three kinds of holiday potpourri. 

Christmas Blessings is an extension of the one that I made last year with the addition of calendula  and bachelor's buttons.  The yellow and blue flowers really make the mixture pop and I am so pleased.  Here is a photo
Christmas Roses is very similar but has more roses and more rose oil.  It is available in Burgundy bags and in red potpourri hoops shown here

The hoops can be hung as a decoration anywhere, not just on a Christmas tree, but also in a cubicle, or in your car!

The third mixture is called Peace Potpourri.  It is intended for use year round so I have left out the balsam and bayberry with their specific Christmas reference and also made it more universal and ecumenical by taking away the Marian and specifically Christian references found in the other two.
Here it is depicted

With the blue and white and gold ribbons this might even be appropriate for Hanukkah.  The balls have holes at the tops to allow the scent to escape.

All three mixtures are available in all three formats, sachet bags, hoops, and potpourri balls.

The first two are posted on my Etsy shop

The last one will be coming soon.

Thank you!

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