Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Boutique Dates

In addition to my potpourri crafts I have glass ornaments blown in Europe in the 1980's.  These were made as collectibles and have most likely been discontinued.

There are three blue baby carriages for a boy's first Christmas, a number of frosted pine cones, angels, at least one St. Nicholas figure (one of my most favorites), several cornucopias and little purple Santa figures.

In addition, I have fabric ornaments that I made twenty-five years ago.  The fabrics were so much prettier then than what I have seen now that they are really pretty.  Some are hung on a small tree on my dining room table for display.
If you are local, you are invited.  Please contact me through mamm(@) (remove the parenthesis) and I will send you my address. And if you are not local, please visit my Etsy store at .

Please share with friends.  Shop early, shop often, shop Etsy.  We need you.  Thank you so much.

In the interest of fair disclosure, I have edited this post since earlier in the day to reflect the fact that one of my open house times is over and to correct the alignment of my glass ornament pictures.

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