Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Most of the time when I run out of bread, I make whole wheat oatmeal muffins, an adaptation of mine from an old Betty Crocker recipe of the 1960's. Very moist and yummy. Other times I make buckwheat pancakes and spread them over a couple of days in place of bread. Cold pancakes may seem odd, but they are actually quite good.

Today I didn't want to take time with muffins--thought they would take too long to bake, so I opted for pancakes. But being out of mix--I like Bob's Red Mill's Buckwheat Pancake mix--I googled for a whole wheat buttermilk recipe.

Here is what I found

Yummy. They smell wonderful as they cook and puff up so that they are unbelievably light and airy. They would be wonderful topped with yogurt and blueberries, but I enjoyed just honey.

Perfect on a cold fall afternoon as lunch.

I am grateful for the Internet, which returns recipes at my fingertips and for food in the house that I can turn into quick and interesting meals that are also fairly nourishing. Happy eating!

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