Saturday, September 10, 2011

Travelling by Internet

I have never been to Tennessee, but the other day a little of Tennessee came to me. Via the gift of the Internet and the United States Post Office, blending new and old technologies, beautiful beeswax candles and delicious, piquant honey arrived at my door. Here is a photo

I bought these items though Local Harvest

I could not find candles near by so opted to go to the Heartland. Local Harvest is such a great venue. It can put us in touch with local producers, especially to see who vends at our Farmer's Markets and who provides Community Subscription Agriculture boxes in our local area as well as help us find more regional specialties all produced with care in small batches by small businesses throughout our country. This is an excellent way to help the economy become stable again!

I am grateful for this little bit of Tennessee and for the woman whose fine handwriting on the address label as well as her care in packing in addition to the products themselves showed me a glimpse of someone who cares about what she is doing to earn her living. May she, and all of us, prosper.

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Andy Miller said...

Peggy, I found your blog linked from a post on the Monta Loma mailing list. Thanks for running the list, we are new to the neighborhood and it has been a great resource for us.

I saw your post about the honey and candles from Tennessee because you couldn't find anything local. If you ever make it up north of San Francisco, there is a cool store called Bee Kind that has candles, local honey, and beekeeping supplies. I always thought it would be a fun hobby to keep bees, but I've been afraid of the commitment and whether or not it would be problem with the neighbors.

Anyway it is a neat store and they have an online presence if you'd ever like some local delicious honey. They say that honey made with flowers closest to where you live can help with allergies.

-Andy (On Adele)