Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas All Over My House

It was a quiet Christmas at my house this year, with the sound of music for the season coming from my favorite classical radio station. Now I will have to find some tapes and cd's to continue the festal sounds through the season. Too many goodies were made or received as gifts and consumed. (Yes, I do have a freezer and sometimes, it seems, I forget to use it!)

All over the house decorations have come out. First and foremost are the tree and creche in the living room.

The next picture is of the large creche in the living room.

Next is the angel tree in my room.

The small creche, which is over sixty years old now, sits next to the angel tree.

Mr Papa Bear looks on from his usual vantage point with frizzly bear in his lap.

Next is a small tree on Mama's dresser in the room that is still evolving into a sewing space. Amidst the clutter, Christmas has come to this room. Last year this little tree held no decorations. Here it is with its own array.

In addition, hidden away in a bureau drawer in a box that had once held canning jars, I found a collection of vintage (maybe actually antique) candles and ceramic figurines that had been Mama's. What fun to unwrap them after decades of being stored away and arrange them now!

And here along the top of the high bureau are more candles.

The crane tree, a custom I began last year, is set up in the dining room, with a small nativity, a gift from a dear friend several years ago.

There is one more little tree, here in my office, but the sun was shining brilliantly behind it and the picture did not turn out. More to come.

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