Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Week

Easter was truly a blessing. I watched part of the Holy Saturday, Easter Vigil from the Vatican and then spent a sunny Sunday enjoying flowers that friends had brought for me. Several months ago I found a scrumptious sounding Chocolate Pound Cake on the King Arthur Flour website and it seemed the perfect celebratory goodie for Easter. (I haven't quite finished it yet.) During the hour and a half that it took to bake, I finished reading The Moral Measure of the Economy. A perfect and beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Monday a dear friend delighted me with a surprise visit and she put up with my singing of "And very early on the First day of the week, they went unto the Sepulcher and found it lying empty, Alleluia." Matins for Easter morning, which is the conclusion of our community's traditional Easter Vigil. I love it so much and miss singing it. It has always touched me that it was the women who bore first witness to the Resurrection.

While the weather has turned chilly the sun is still shining and Easter week is progressing as a time of joy and blessing. Here are some of the flowers.

The purple sweet peas are the most stunning of all because of their color. I am so grateful for this bounty of friendship and flowers during Easter week.

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