Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where oh Where Does the Time Fly To?

How can it be Saturday already? I fully intended to post on Thursday, the Feast of St. Joseph. St Joseph is the patron saint of fathers, of families and of workers. We all need his intercession now more than ever. For those of us who are still employed, whose businesses are holding up or who are starting new ventures, that our employment may continue. For those of us in need of work, that we may find work. My godmother, who is 91, sent me a card for St Joseph's day. I was deeply touched. I have spent the week updating Easter designs to my cafepress shop and need to do the same to my Etsy. It was so appropriate to send me a card that blessed my endeavors and I smiled in hope and joy that she had sent it to me.

Of course, it also reminded me of my father and that makes me smile too. Papa is always worthy of remembering. Fathers don't get the recognition they deserve in our culture. Butt of sitcoms, instead of being portrayed as the domestic heroes they truly are, fathers have an uphill climb now days. It is good, I think, to pause, remember St Joseph and think of our fathers.

This week I also admired my garden. The first calla lily bloomed several days ago and was quickly photographed and incorporated into one of my new cafepress Easter designs.

One perfect yellow daffodil caught my eye.

Here is an array of daffodils on the picnic table that shows yellow and white daffodils, the whites are in two stages. When they first open they look like jonquils with their white petals and yellow centers. Over a few days the yellow centers fade to white. These are Mount Hood daffodils and I bought the bulbs last year from American Meadows.

I love these Spring flowers so much and am extremely grateful today for all the manifold blessings of the week, especially my godmother and my flowers.

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