Tuesday, March 3, 2009


With St Patrick's Day just two weeks away, I have been adding new products to my Cafepress store. (Click on the cafepress link in the links list to the right and there are sections for "St Patrick's Day" and "Everything Irish" to see the array of products.)

The slideshow that wouldn't load the other day, loaded beautifully just now and I am especially pleased to see the steins showing up. They look like they are pretty and I am tempted to buy one to use as a flower vase--I no longer drink beer, or much of anything alcoholic for that matter, since the neurological disorder of post-polio syndrome is enough to cope with.

So far the design that is selling best is Feliz dia de San Patricio!

Another success that has pleased me very much is that my friend C, she who is a professional organizer, found my small metal bowl that had lost itself in the kitchen cupboard. I don't know how it put itself there (and I was quite put out with it for hiding) but it is good to find it again.

I am thinking about two recipes from King Arthur Flour, one of my all time favorite businesses. One is for Chocolate Stout Cake. The other is for a carrot cake that needs a sour dough starter. Oh the calories! Oh the temptation! What to do with the leftover Guinness, which Safeway online does carry? Maybe these will stay in the day-dreaming stage--it is Lent after all--and I will settle with satisfaction for pumpkin muffins.

It is so easy to come up with more projects than I can possibly do in a day or week, or what is left of my life, for that matter, that sometimes I wish I could just wiggle my nose and see the projects materialize.

After a goodly amount of rain, the sun is trying to poke through. More rain, more rain, we need and want more rain.

I am grateful for the rain. (I would be even happier if I could remember to use the preview feature and catch my more egregious typos before I publish them. I never did much like typing.)

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