Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patrick's Day

A Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone who wanders by. There is no green beer here, but there is Irish Soda bread from Safeway. I also have two (at least) mixes of a brand called Garvey's Irish Soda Bread--and one of the same vendor for Irish Brown Bread. Sounds Irish enough so that the product should be authentic. We shall see.

Shopping on the Internet told me that Bob's Red Mill and King Arthur Flour both had Irish Soda Bread mixes. Sticky Fingers has wonderful mixes in delightful new packaging and a quick check says yes they have Irish Soda Bread. Iveta Gourmet, another one of my favorite sources for yummy things that have way more calories than I need or can burn, doesn't. They have so many other scrumptious goodies....(Hey, I wonder how many calories does it take to roll up and down my ramp and how many times a day would I need to do it to justify/use just one scone.) Plug of the day over.

Last week I received my first ever order of herbs from Rose Mountain Herbs and I will be reactivating an old part of an old small business that I had in the 80's and that I absolutely loved. Sachets will soon appear on my Etsy shop and I am happy and excited.

While I have been posting this KDFC has been playing Irish music. Alas they do not play the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. I should get more organized and dig out the tapes and see if the tape recorder still works and, and ....

A tiny bit more work on my Easter designs on my cafepress site, a poke my nose out the front door to admire the daffodils and calla lilies that are blooming (and the oxalis, shamrocks as well) and an episode of NCIS will complete my day.

Happy St Patrick's Day. May all your days be blessed. I am grateful for my Irish heritage.

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