Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Sunshine

The clouds have finally cleared and the flowers and people are enjoying the sun. Never mind that we need more rain, we love the sun. One of the amarylli that I put outside is sprouting a third bud. I have never seen one do this before. The calla in a pot also has two buds and I can hardly wait for them to bloom. The white chalices are among my most favorite of favorite flowers.

I have been puttering about all day, looking at my kitchen and trying to decide how it could be more effectively organized for my needs now. I hope to try my hand at baking bread again. My late mother was wonderful at this. I don't think I quite inherited her touch and have had too many loaves fail to rise because the kitchen is too chilly or drafty for them to get themselves going. (She also made wonderful pies and I am not much of a pie baker either. Cookies, cakes and muffins are more my speed.)

Three boxes of books--large boxes, actually--stand ready to go from the house. They need a second sort as to their designations. So now I need to pull some paper bags from the kitchen and label them. Some, I hope, will sell on Amazon or possibly Advanced Book Exchange.

Some paper actually got sorted today and discarded into the shredder and recycle piles. This feels good.

After receiving chow mein noodles instead of soba noodles in my Safeway online order, I found another delivery service, Planet Organics that has the soba and too many other lovely interesting things. I will give them a try. Would like a little more information about the delivery window. But I will be here all day, so that isn't a problem. It should be fun and reminds me of the heyday of the era when two services, Peapod and Webvan co-existed and delivered groceries throughout the Bay Area. Those were the days...

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