Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Today has been a lazy Saturday. The sky has been overcast, threatening rain, but not delivering the goods, the water that we still need in this drought parched land. I am revising my garden plans--no point in starting seedlings if they can't thrive.

There are some interesting water collection devices, out of my price range, and it is too late this season anyway, but in addition to the rain barrels that I was looking at several weeks ago there is also a water "pillow" that stores rainwater--1000 gallons and more depending on the size of the device. It would be interesting to include these features in a "universal design" house. Water conservation and energy conservation features should be as much a part of this, I think, as lower counter tops and remote control blinds.

This would expand the concept of universal design somewhat, I believe, for it would be an aspect of self-sufficiency or sustainability. Ultimately, I would like to have such a house, green-tech, high-tech and amazing and comfortable. I don't think that it will happen in this life-time unless I win the lottery. (Since I never buy tickets to the lottery, it won't happen in this lifetime.) Still it is fun to dream.

Another part of this lazy Saturday was sitting at the computer and re-doing what feels like a million cafepress templates. (It isn't, of course, merely a few dozen. It just feels that way.)

It has been a busy week, full of people in and out and packages arriving and it was good, actually to have a quiet day. Good music came through my radio and at the end as the sun was setting my window was filled with lavender sky. Absolutely gorgeous.

I am grateful for this lazy Saturday and glad to have some visible results for my efforts.

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