Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Full of Good Things

Salmon, green beans, noodles and thin mints. I do love thin mints. I think that is supposed to be Thin Mints. Girl Scout cookies are so yummy and so fun.

It has been a very full day, what my sister calls a "revolving door day" and I still have a new episode of my favorite tv show, NCIS, to look forward to so it isn't over. Then I will go to bed early (with my bed newly changed and made up by a housekeeper who is the best in the world and has become a dear friend) and continue to read Alex and Me, the story of the African Gray Parrot who must have been the smartest bird on the planet. It is touching and sweet and all together a treat to read. On loan from another friend.

The Girl Scout cookies bring back stories of my niece's time in Girl Scouts and her Gold Award project. I am still proud of her and her big brother who is an Eagle Scout. I let their accomplishments rub off on me and bask in the shine. Good to be a Grand Aunt, too to someone who is just starting to say, Grandpa and og (for dog). Are we proud? Oh yes, we think he is the smartest, most beautiful boy on the planet. (We're a little prejudiced here, of course, but in this case that is a good thingl)

So I am replete with good food, good friends and love from my family. It was a superlative day. Life is good. I am full of gratitude as well as Thin Mints.

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