Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday February 8, 2009

Cold and damp and I wish it would really rain. My space heater is warming me and makes me think of the role the fireplace had in the lives of our ancestors. I can be glad that I don't have to haul and chop the wood. Just point the remote and push the button and after a while, I quit shivering.

We are supposed to have rain all week and that is wonderful! It will be a great week for cleaning and doing laundry and baking. Yummy warmth filling the kitchen always makes me glad to be indoors. It always makes the time fly by, too and, of course, pumpkin muffins are a nice variation to have for breakfast.

The daffodils blooming are like bright lights against the gloomy sky and the new bulbs are pushing up in their pots a little further each week. Back indoors the first amaryllis bulb completes its cycle and the flowers shrivel. I have never had a bulb produce two flower stalks before--total flower for just this one bulb--ten! Amazing. Or as Papa used to say, "amazmarating". The new bulb, a Christmas gift, is leaping ahead to catch up, but will have only one bloom stalk. I can hardly wait to see if it will be red as the label indicated.

Here is another view of the first Iris to bloom outside.

I love the variation of textures and shades of color in this flower--in all flowers really--as well as their ephemeral beauty, which I keep trying to capture with my camera. The camera sees far more than I do now, for my eyesight is failing. (I wish that modern medicine would do more about this.) Earlier this evening I watched part of a PBS program on some of the great photographers. The stunning black and white images are amazing, breathtaking, inspiring and humbling all at the same time.

I am grateful for warmth and the technology of the digital camera that allows me to bypass developing and printing and directly share the pictures that I take. I wonder though what is lost in bypassing these older, chemical processes. How much can I emulate the results with my digital tools? Good question to pursue on a cold night in winter.

It is also a good night for knitting, so will the needles or the computer win? A good week to everyone reading this.

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