Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hurray for More Rain!

It is either raining or about to rain. (I can't tell for I am sitting with headset on and the radio tuned to my favorite classical station, KDFC.) (Reaching over for the remote that operates the blind behind my computer desk shows there is just enough light still to see that it is not raining yet.) The countdown is on and I am looking forward to more rain.

While a rain barrel would not have fit into this year's budget, I definitely hope to have one or two next year. Every resource that can help in the quest for self-sufficiency and self-sustainability is worth exploring in my estimation and I first heard about rain barrels from a young friend in Santa Barbara who is a scientist, sailor, cook and gardener. Next they were discussed recently and briefly on my neighborhood email list, which has been a source of amazing information over the past decade.

Even though it hasn't started to rain yet, today has been a rainy day mode day. (Or a day spent in rainy day mode.) I puttered at exactly puttering paces with household chores that threaten to multiply before they are done. It feels good to see some spaces emerge, to know that the laundry is progressing and will be done by Monday night, that the black markers I need to cross my name and address out of a large quantity of books in a humongous box in the front hall are now where I can find them. It was serendipitous that they appeared before I really began searching for them.

My computer needs a bailout. Last night it burped in a way that I have never experienced before, shutting down before it had booted. I restarted it and diverted into the bios where I copied everything down and was puzzled by what I found. The puzzlement is not only that I do not fully comprehend the bios, but that I think the drive boot order is mixed up and then there is the problem that most of the time lately it doesn't recognize the cd-rom drive. Sigh, oh sigh. Maybe it needs this. No maybe it wants that. I am hoping that a new cmos battery will solve part of the problem; am planning for a new motherboard, because I do not like the one I have.

Wishing I were a great deal more geeky, but grateful for the coming rain and for my blessings.

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