Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cold and Thursday

It feels cold enough to snow and snow is actually being predicted as part of the new storm brewing our way. We should see measurable precipitation this weekend and I am rejoicing, even if I am also shivering.

I took this picture of the last amaryllis this afternoon

I can hardly wait to see it open because it is so much redder than the others have been. I hope that it doesn't simply fall over, because it seems taller and more top heavy than any of its earlier counterparts. It doesn't seem to like being cold any more than I do!

With Valentine's Day only two days away, I want to bake chocolate cupcakes. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. It is a lot of work and time, the kitchen is cold and then there will be a lot of cupcakes--I think the recipe makes two dozen. It may be easier to daydream about them and find something else to do to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Last night I heard rain on the roof and decided to go to bed early to read figuring that the rain would be so soothing. By the time I had settled down to reading the rain had stopped. More to look forward to.

I am grateful tonight that there will be more rain, that I have heat and electricity and that the bills are paid for this month. Praise God.

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