Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The amaryllis has indeed bloomed red. It is gorgeous and stunning and huge! A most magnificent flower and the bulb is producing four flowers. Here is one of them, captured against a white backdrop. I took the picture Monday with the help of a friend.

I cannot say enough about the beauty of these breathtaking flowers. The bloom stalk grows about 30", which makes them much bigger than any other flower that I have ever grown. They are native to Chile and Peru and in the language of flowers they mean splendid beauty or proud beauty or pride. Stately is another word that comes to mind to describe them.

Outside, daffodils are blooming and more bulbs are poking up through the soil in their pots. I am eager to see them bloom, but grateful too for the rain which we have gotten.

A rain barrel would have been a good investment, I think and I will be planning to install one, or perhaps even two next year, if all goes well. The drought in California is serious, even though we have had this luxurious rainfall. We needed about six previous ones and four more to follow to get us out of the deficit.

The economy doesn't seem to be turning around either, but that is a different post. For now I will feel gratitude for the glory of the amaryllis and all that it signifies. Spring will come and we can hope that things will get better.

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