Thursday, December 11, 2008

Then There are Days

Then there are days when I can't seem to spell my own name. Days when McAfee won't even let me access my own blog! Today was one of those days. Somehow, it seems that I take one step forward and then two back.

I think the McAfee thing is fixed. I hope it is and that others are not having trouble coming here. My name in the Etsy link to the right is now correct.

The Christmas presents that are going to Toledo are wrapped and I just need to seal the box. Next will be to re-invent printing postage from the computer--big step forward.

Soon it will be time to go fix dinner--frozen salmon patties from Costco combined with green beans (actually one salmon patti) and this incredible horseradish sauce (Heinz in a bottle) given to me by a friend.

Last night I indulged in multiple episodes of NCIS while knitting a hat. Not too bad a way to while away some portion of a winter evening. In a week it will be the solstice and then the days will get longer. I can hardly wait and can hardly wait for the new flower bulbs to bloom. First, though, I don't want to lose Christmas. So I will go savor my Christmas tree for a few minutes and see if there is room to stuff the one last forgotten item into my sister's Christmas box--I don't think that there is. A second box may have to follow after all!

I am grateful for the beauty of the winter day and that small things are being accomplished. Sometimes the small things add up to big things and sometimes they lay the foundation.

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