Friday, December 19, 2008

A Heartening Project

The other day, I think it was Wednesday, I was watching the News Hour on PBS while casting on the stitches for yet another hat. (This will be the third from this cache of yarn and by the time I run out of yarn, I think I may be able to knit the pattern in my sleep!). The News Hour featured a project in Denver, called the Women's Bean Project.


  • This is a project that puts women who have never worked and have been in trouble into a working project where they learn skills and move on to bigger jobs in the "real world". They package bean soup and baking mixes that are available on their web site. I commend them to you for your consideration.

    Their gift baskets look especially nice. It was also so good to see something positive in the news. I think that if all of the news programs would emphasize whatever positive things they can find, we would turn the economy around so much faster.

    I am grateful to see good news among the bad.

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