Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Preparations

I am behind in blogging as I have taken advantage of the kindness of friends who have had time to come and help haul out all the decorations and begin putting them up. My goal is to have everything in place by the third Sunday in Advent and then have time to just enjoy them. The main tree is up in the living room, which is still littered with boxes.

Monday I also baked pumpkin muffins, which are so yummy and healthy that I almost don't feel guilty eating the carbs--and I no longer put butter on them.

Monday was also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, one of the truly beautiful days of the Catholic Church year and so appropriate to Advent, which I always think of as Mary's time.

After a year of struggling and limping along with just dial-up, today I completed the process of "re-inventing" my dsl. It was so easy, that I am almost ashamed to have put it off for so long! May all of our technological challenges be so simple.

It is so good to sit comfortably at my desktop computer, in my office, instead of at the laptop on the dining room table. The sun shines in and the monitor screen is bigger and I have music and a space heater. And life is just good!

More now that things can be done so much more quickly, I am sure. I am full of joy and gratitude. Now if I can set up the DVD/VCR-player/recorder--a much more complicated beast, I will be even more happy.

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