Friday, August 1, 2008

To do, to do and it is Friday Already!

How can this be? The pots for the basil plants arrived today and so transplanting is on my afternoon list.

Yesterday I happened to log on to a Cafepress chat and then realized it had been ages since I updated, so that is done. Part of the thing still doesn't work though and that is maddening, since it is something I have wasted time on before (over and over again and following the instructions doesn't work).

I have a new Squidoo that I launched yesterday called "we should stay at home on labor day and save gas". Very unwieldy. Will try to search for it to see if it comes up in Google and post a link later in the evening.

  • I do believe that we can and should take back the economy. Analysts do not rule our actions. WE Do! We are not going to see the $5 per gallon gas that was being predicted in June, simply because people are driving less. Let's keep it up! Let's see if we can bring the price down to a more manageable level by staying home on Labor Day and other long weekends. We can fix things around the house, get to know our neighbors, read, watch movies, sleep in--all kinds of things that don't require gas or going anywhere to buy anything. Let's do it! We can.

    Wouldn't it be great if we could also give thanks at home on Thanksgiving instead of having the mass exodus into massive holiday traffic jams that too often marks the beginning of this holiday? Wouldn't it be even better if we ignored Black Friday and stayed at home and began making our presents, writing our cards and generally having a saner and more economical holiday season? It isn't too early to plan for this too.

    I would like to start a movement to take back the economy. It is ours. We make it. Let's shape it too. Let's not be afraid to regulate ourselves. It is in the Constitution that we are supposed to, so what if we did and we had a stable economy to show for our efforts? I believe this is part of stewardship of our resources and that we are called to do so. You can see my design for this at my Cafepress store and in the squidoo lens, Take Back the Economy for the People.

    Well, that is a little off track from my to do list. But I wasn't doing that anyway. Happy weekend every one. Please drive as little as you can and help restore sanity to our economy. All of us will be grateful.

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