Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Blessings

It was a gorgeous day, not nearly as hot as I feared, although more heat is predicted for later in the week. I often find myself wishing that Papa and I had been able to install full air before he died. Each summer I struggle through the heat waves, which seem to be coming closer together and happening more frequently. Or is it just a drought year?

It is good to hear that the fire in Goleta, where someone I first met when she was six and I was in my twenties lives and works is being contained. I hope that she and her house are safe tonight and will remain so. It is also good to know that the fire in Monterey County has bypassed, at least for now, the town of Big Sur. I have been to Carmel, including the Mission and to Point Lobos, but I don't remember Big Sur.

My friend who has the Gravenstein apple tree in his back yard brought me two big bags of apples today and a bag of apricots. He was on his way to Mass and it was good to see him, this Marine of the greatest generation who recently celebrated his 85th birthday. He is always kind and cheerful and has a fund of fine stories to share. It was an especial pleasure to see him today for it had been sometime.

The pots with the seeds--that I hope are germinating--are sitting in the front hall where they will be out of the sun's heat. I misted them twice today and then brought them inside.

The neighbors' sunflowers soar to their roof and are dwarfing their garage. This is a delightful thing to look out at from the vantage of my front door.

I have seen several hummingbirds, both the male and female in my backyard. They are my most favorite birds.

I am grateful for the day and hope for tomorrow that it will be good and not as hot as predicted.

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