Monday, July 28, 2008

New Week and New Beginnings

Monday again and a whole week stretches invitingly ahead. Will I use it well or will it just slip by me? The weekend was spent on household chores. How can one person have so much laundry, so many dishes and so much stuff to shovel around? How can so much paper accumulate that needs to be shredded? The whole concept, as well as the shredders, didn't exist when I was growing up. Now I waste a major amount of time on this.

I am beginning to see that there really is a dining room here. Could be a pretty room too, with the clutter pushed back. There is slightly less mess in the living room which has been a holding for sorting room for the last year. Not what it was meant for. Today a friend is coming over to help me tackle that. A professional organizer, she is giving me the gift of her time. I am also hoping to sell the piano so that a major large piece of furniture will move on. Anyone want to buy a piano?

I spent some delightful time this morning reading Linda's blog. Jim has completed the race and they have a week in Hawaii before sailing on. Fair winds, little boat. Take my friends safely on their adventure and bring them home.

Meantime, my big adventure is to finely reclaim this house for a party to celebrate with family and friends. That is something to look forward to.

More later, when more is accomplished. I am grateful for good weather and the gift of time.

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