Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Friendship and Flowers

My friend Linda, who is like another sister to me--she was even born in the same month as my sister--has embarked on a new life under sail for the next three months. Before she left she brought me two roses from her beautiful yellow rose bush. I can share the pictures that I have been taking, but there is no way to share the fragrance over the internet--yet. (When that time comes, the computer will be able to deliver dinner too--not just by ordering out, that it can already do.)

Linda will be gone for three months as she and Jim sail from Hawaii to the San Juan islands, around the San Juan islands, in and around Puget Sound and then finally home to the Bay Area. (Jim is already on his way in a sailing race that began ten days ago.) I have linked to her blog, sea-of-change, since she is sharing this adventure with her friends on-line. I am excited about having a vicarious adventure along with her as she shares.

Looking at the roses and smelling the beautiful fragrance has made me think of her even more than I would have without them. Flowers are one of the interests that we share, along with gardening, cooking and photography. I am looking forward to pictures of the sea and sea creatures that I know she is eagerly looking forward to taking.

Friendship and flowers have a number of things in common, I think. Beauty is in both of them and they are both treasures. Tending and respect are needed for both and love is part of them too. Flowers remind us of how fragile life is and of how we need to slow down to appreciate it more. Friendship is one of the best things to slow down for.

So Linda, this blog post is for you. Thank you for the treasure of your friendship, your time, sharing your mind and your laughter as well as your kindness. Thank you for caring for me and for bringing me flowers (as well as food from TJ's--our nearby Trader Joe's). I miss you and will think of you often. Good sailing, good wind and good weather go with you and Jim. Godspeed you back to home, friends, the cats and Little Bird. The Fall will come quickly, I know. Fun and adventure aplenty abound in the meantime. Stay well.

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