Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Once More

The yard sale is behind us and that is a milestone for this summer. It was fun and I have pictures to post of how my patio was transformed into a temporary shop. Sunday saw a slower day and that was good for I was too tired, wishing that we had called it quits on Saturday, except that Sunday also allowed me to reconnect with several neighbors. Now all I need to do is follow through.

Today I am back to solitude and reclusivity (probably not a word, but I don't mind making it up), a little sunburned and major tired. Old joints and muscles don't spring back the way they did twenty years ago.

To my surprise there are still clusters of poppies blooming in the back yard. Smaller than the resplendent show of the previous weeks, they are nevertheless pretty and a splash of color in an otherwise rather drab space.

Now I must refocus to a Mary Kay promotion that I need to do, the inevitable tweaking of Squidoo lenses, the cafepress shop and my kitchen (looks like a wreak).

It is a quiet day and I am glad for it. Predominate mood is one of gratitude.

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