Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Week has Flown By

Another week has gone by too quickly. The roses and poppies are giving me joy as are the friends who water and photograph and bring flowers inside for me to enjoy. The red and pink poppies contrast and at the same time complement each other. I think that is a contradiction in color theory, but it is what I am observing.

Today was a windy day. I could see the tree tops bowing in neighbors' yards and it amazed me that the poppies, even protected by the fence as they are, could still be standing. Nature is so strong and so resilient.

My friend M has moved all the roses that she has tended for me in pots on my porch to places where they will get more sun. Already they have grown and bloomed and I am able to enjoy flowers inside. The adaptability of plants is heartening giving us a lesson or two in the same for ourselves.

Tomorrow my neighbors across the street have people coming to begin the process of demolishing their swimming pool. Probably as old as the tract, the swimming pool is cracked and they have not used it since they moved in. I am glad for them and in fact for all of us--it has been a place for mosquitoes to breed.

I am grateful for the peace and quiet today and for the fact that I have been warned in a note that they sent to all the neighbors of the noise and vibration that is to come tomorrow and for several succeeding days. Unlike the heat wave, which was over when it was over and not entirely predictable, this is finite and also will not last around the clock.

Hopefully, I will be able to put the noise aside and do the things that need doing as well as one that doesn't. More chocolate cookies are in the offing before I have a recipe that I can submit, if I am going to submit one at all. I can't just tweak the recipe, of course, I will have to eat the calories--and share them.

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