Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Cooling Tips

As the heat wave wanes and I give thanks, I am thinking of more things to do to keep cool that are homely and inexpensive.

Stay hydrated. Water is best. It will seem like a delicious treat with a bit of ice. Keep a pitcher or refrigerator bottle full in the refrigerator. Pour the cold water into a glass over ice. Fill a reusable bottle three-quarters full and freeze overnight.
Now you can carry your ice-water with you wherever you go.

Wring a small towel or cloth out in cold water and put on your head or drape around your neck.

Spray mist yourself with water in a spray mister. (Put some ice in the mister bottle.) Don't overdue it. You want to cool yourself, not make a mess!

Lie down during the hottest hours, if you possibly can.

Eat cold meals so that you don't heat the kitchen and yourself. This is a great time for simple sandwiches and salads. Eat lightly. Put fruit in the refrigerator after you wash it so that you will have a cool treat.

Prepare meals in the morning and put the food in the fridge.

Slow down. If you need supplies, make lists and make one trip in the morning.

Follow the sun. Do things in the coolest parts of the house.

Dress appropriately. Light colored, light weight clothing that is loose-fitted will help you stay cool.

None of these ideas cost much money, but they are tried and true. They do not require going somewhere else to escape the heat, but allow one to cool in place--conserving resources in the process.

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