Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Internet Grocery Shopping and Such

Yesterday when I completed my online grocery order I was asked to take a survey. Usually I ignore these, but this time I bit. In the comments I wrote something to the effect that I had been buying my groceries online for ten years!

It is hard to believe. While Papa was still alive we used Peapod which at that time partnered with Safeway. The day that I succeeded in placing that first order with the then new computer that Papa called the "wintel" was so important to us because it made us independent again and gave us freedom of choice, that Papa wrote it on his calendar. I have the calendar still. Shortly after Papa died Peapod switched from Safeway to Andronico's and for a time I enjoyed delivery from one of the best grocer's in the area. Then webvan entered the fray--this was the height of the boom--and I used them both alternately. They were fun and upbeat and that was an upbeat time overall--the economy was booming, innovative things were happening all around and I even bought my pda and one Harry Potter novel along with the popcorn to eat while reading it through webvan having them delivered along with my groceries. The height of Silicon Valley chic (or cute).

Then came the downturn, bust. Peapod pulled out of the West Coast markets and Webvan folded in one day. I really missed this service. After a time both of the big chains, Safeway and Albertson's began delivery again. My choice is always Safeway.

In between I have bought almost everything of every kind from spices to scone mixes, tea and chocolate, fabric, yarn (too much yarn) and office supplies online. Sometimes I think I am living a virtual life--except for the calories which are all too real.

Last night, I realized from that one comment that I am a veteran internet shopper. It has been around that long and changed my life so much in so many ways, some subtle that I no longer even think about the changes. I am incredibly, profoundly grateful for it. (Never mind the calories!)

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