Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Heat is On

The heat wave has truly materialized and is worse than I thought it could be. At 9:13 am it is 83 degrees. Not good. I am a winter person, spring and fall really. I do not like long days and especially not long, hot days. So how to make the house a cool cave and refuge.

First open up and run fans at night to bring in the cool air. Then as soon as possible in the morning close it all up again. Don't use any unnecessary appliances, especially not the washer, dryer, oven, television or computers during the hottest hours--noon to eight pm.

Hang outside blinds or sun shades over windows and the section of the house that gets late afternoon sun. Consider black-out cloth on the inside of windows. Construct trellises or arbors and grow things that will grow quickly to provide shade where you need it most.

If you have trees, give thanks for them and care for them. They need watering in hot weather if there is no rain.

Water yards and gardens in the morning or well after dark to conserve water. Water sparingly. Water is one of the earth's most precious resources.

Drink plenty of water and stay inside during the worst heat.

Offer up the discomfort for those who are in worse straights. Keep remembering the heat wave will pass. It is not a typhoon, a tornado or an earthquake. I am grateful.

Tuesday I discovered that one of my favorite sources for garden seeds, Bountiful Gardens is still operating in Willits, Ca. I was so happy, I spent quite a bit of time perusing their offerings and could, of course, plant an acre or two, if only I had an acre or two!

More when the weather is cooler!

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