Monday, April 7, 2008

Weeding is a Way of Life

Today two friends who are former high school classmates of mine came and did yard work. My yard looks beautiful, my patio is so clean that there is nary a stray leaf in sight and while they weeded a whole long planter box that is almost the length of my house I trimmed a bag of rosemary to dry and pulled weeds.

The thing about pulling weeds is that is a lot like eating nuts or chips or other snackie munchies--you can't pull one weed any more than you can eat one nut! It was lovely to be out in the sun and exhilarating to pull weeds until I came in and realized how tired I am! Thank goodness for Ibuprofen--what would I do without it?

The next stage in the garden is to plan where to put some of the things that are overgrowing their pots--and then get new plants for the pots! Iris and calla lily and mystery bulbs await replanting. A long planter box is full of herbs that would probably each like a nice deep pot of its own. There are four rose bushes growing on the front porch that probably should be in the ground. One snags me every time I go past as though to say, "plant me, plant me."

The Irises on the counter have changed overnight. One flower completely withered and drew in while a bud near it grew and grew and was completely open this morning. Another is going through the same process and I have been watching it all day. A third is just starting to curl in and I think there is another bud behind it. It is a real illustration of the cycle of life and of transformation happening before my eyes. It is amazing, heart gladdening and humbling all at the same time.

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