Friday, April 11, 2008

TGIF and good news!

Friday oh how I love you! Today I finally got the link to my niece Jenny's Pampered Chef site. This is good news to me as I have spent an overly large amount of my time trying to find her and not succeeding. The link will be in the links to the right as soon as I finish this post and can add it.

Pampered Chef is another direct marketing company like Mary Kay only selling kitchen products instead of personal care products. It looks like fun and the products are lovely--I have two bamboo spoons from Jenny's Mom's party. Bamboo is a beautiful material, very earth friendly for it is renewable and it even pleased me to see "made in China", for after all the bamboo grows there (and feeds the Pandas, too.)

I hope to have a catalog party soon and I am excited for Jenny.

The Irises continue to produce new buds. There will have been a total of nine flowers so far. I don't know if the last flower that is blooming will produce another bud or not. They are so gorgeous and so much fun to watch.

I am looking forward to the weekend and tweaking my Etsy shop and cafepress store.

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