Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Tax Man Cometh

I paid my property taxes online this morning. They have made this almost painless and seamless now that they take credit cards. The tax collector is actually a woman, tho so that makes the title of this post incorrect.

Anyway I was struck by the timing--five days before the Federal and State Income taxes are due. Does this make April the dreariest month of all?

Actually, I don't mind paying taxes. It is part of being a citizen in a democracy, after all. I do wish we could figure out better ways to allocate the tax money after we have paid it. The system of check boxes is one, "I want my taxes to be used for:", "I do not want my taxes to be used for:". It would add to the cost, of course, which would increase the taxes.

To a brighter subject. The irises have all re-bloomed. So there are three new flowers and one bud. That will make for a total of seven, a perfect number. Seven is the number of the gifts of the Holy Ghost (Spirit). I think I can use every one of them today as I go to battle the income tax forms. (It's the forms and the language of the instructions that makes the process so much of a penance. Of course, if I had done them earlier, they could have been part of my penance for Lent. As it is, I should stop procrastinating and just go do it.) Can't get away from those taxes, even though I am trying to so I guess it's time to make another cup of of coffee and just do them!

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