Monday, April 14, 2008

It Looked Like an Earthquake

Fortunately, it was only a broken shelf, but it was plenty disconcerting. After watching the earthquake episode of Eli Stone last night, I completed my nightly rounds and went to bed. In the bedroom, I saw what had obviously caused the thumping and bumping sounds that I had heard several hours earlier: books on the floor and in a pile where they had been three deep in a cavernous shelving unit. At first, all that I could think of was that we hadn't had an earthquake. Then I realized that my helper and I had been pulling books from the shelf under the one that collapsed to begin the sorting and culling process. There are books here that I had forgotten that I had; books I thought I had given away years ago and the beloved books from my past as a Medieval History Major. All jumbled together. It will take several days--longer than when I first put them in there twenty years ago--to recover them and put them in appropriate boxes.

Time to sell some on Amazon. Time to let some more go. Here are the pictures.

I found it highly appropriate that the Bultmann book emerged upside down, since I always thought his demythologizing approach to Scripture was upside down. There are too many books. It will be interesting to see what shape the shelf is in. It looks like it merely slid out of place, but it could be broken. I am grateful it did not happen while I was asleep!

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