Sunday, April 6, 2008


A friend brought purple and white irises yesterday from her garden. I gasped in awe at how gorgeous these flowers are and immediately thought of my niece, J whose favorite color is purple. I have been on the lookout for all things purple for over twenty years now because of this and have come to love the color myself.

These flowers are large, frilly and showy. They are not fragrant, which may be a good thing since they would be likely to be overpowering if they were fragrant. One has already closed making way for a bud behind it that is half grown. I am curious to see if it will open.

I was curious about the "beard", the little furry protrusion that looks like a tongue, or a white caterpillar on each of the lower, outer petals. After looking at it and wheeling by it a number of times, finally I couldn't resist and I had to touch it. Was it soft was the reason for my curiosity? Yes, as soft as a bee's body or a kitten's fur. I am amazed even more. (And yes, I know that a bee's body is soft for I touched one once and no he did not sting me.)

All in all the flowers made for a delightful Sunday along with a lunch of spinach bolani and some watching of the Lord of the Rings on television. I am grateful for all of these good things.

It is the second Sunday after Easter and almost too chilly and gray to feel like either Easter or Spring. Still this season will speed by all too quickly.

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