Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Green for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day a time to think about recycling, reusing and sustainable agriculture. One of my favorite companies, Mountain Rose herbs is included in the links to the right. (I am an affiliate.) Their philosophy is cohesive with that of Common Ground in Palo Alto, California, one of my favorite places. (I grew seedlings for them for a number of years in the 1980's--thousands of babies growing and being tended and taken to market each year.) This was an experience in urban intensive gardening.

To my pleasure I discovered this morning that the company whose products I rep, Mary Kay, believes in green too. Among the charitable activities that they participate in is tree-planting. For more facts about tress than you have ever known before, I recommend this link
  • http://www.marykay.com/peggymanor/content/company/pinkgreen.aspx
  • . There is also a link there to Arbor Day organization.

    Recycle, of course, but let's also see how we can together consume less. I have been amused to see the ads on tv for tap water! Plant a garden if you possibly can. Buy local from local vendors, handcrafters and the farmers' market. Teach a child to play a musical instrument, sing, cook, knit or sew--all activities not requiring electricity to be "hooked into" something and also not subject to the constant media blitz of our electronic lives. Have a candlelit instead of electrically lit, meal once a week. Set up a compost pile. Make a braided rug out of your old clothes. Co-op shopping trips and carpool for other activities, not only work. Use natural pesticides instead of chemical bug killers. (Soapy water sprays and planting garlic around the roses really does get rid of aphids on roses.)

    Celebrate and give thanks for life on earth and for the earth. Give food to a local food bank and make a contribution to an international charity that will give food to the world's hungriest as the prices rise on all commodities worldwide. Make a difference, praise God and give thanks on this Earth Day.

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