Monday, April 28, 2008

Catching Up

A few weeks ago this charming bear came into my hug, a gift from my sister in Ohio. (A hug is the technical term for a collection of stuffed bears and animals.)

I love him. He sits with the laptop and the University of Chicago mug. I just wish he could type! (I can't.)

Last week my friend, K, brought this delightful wine-colored iris over when she came to work in my yard. (She has adopted my yard. It looks so much better now for all her expert care.) This is a native California plant that is drought-tolerant and doesn't need fussing. Now that we are over sixty, we are looking for more of these.

Not so showy as its purple, cultivated cousins that I posted several weeks ago, but it has a quiet beauty and elegance all its own.

The first of my mother's "cornflake roses" are blooming almost too soon and too early. I don't quite have the energy to go out and take pictures, but hopefully there will still be some left for M, my chief photographer to work with next week.

I joined Kaboodle this morning. How many of these things are there and how many do we actually need? I'd like to come up with one, that's for sure. Then maybe I could afford to retire after all.

All in the name of self-promotion. I, of course, would just like to have people find me and buy my pretty things without having to toot my own horn. Toot. Toot.

Enough. I go to make dinner. Salad and cheese and avocado. Not low in fat, but very tasty. Folic acid is important to the nervous system (salad), calcium is good for the bones (cheese) and balsamic vinegar will zip it up a bit. Protein is good for everything.

Life is good. I am grateful, albeit slower than I used to be.

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