Sunday, April 13, 2008


Today I was blessed with a gift of pink sweet peas. I did not realize that they are fragrant. They are so fragile and pretty. The Irises above them are trying to put forth two more flowers. They appear stalled, but they have been so prolific that they can easily be forgiven if they do not bloom again.

This weekend we have had summer weather, which is a bit too much too soon. Still the silence in the house this morning, without the furnace running, was almost palpable. i reveled in it for several hours for silence is a joy.

The silence indeed was a contrast to yesterday, for it was so hot that I could not turn on the computers. So I turned on the tv instead, tuning into a marathon of NCSI. I never did see a complete episode from start to finish because I kept going away to do small tasks in other parts of the house and then coming back to pick it up which was another part of another episode.

I cannot believe that it is the fourth Sunday of Easter already and that April is mostly half over. Too swiftly the time of my life is flying by!

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