Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, or "It's One of Those Days"

Somehow Mondays always do seem slower. In reading one of my favorite blogs, Lisa Leonard's "It's the Little Things" I was pleased to see that I am not alone, but it doesn't entirely cure the Monday blues to know that.

The pictures that I took this morning didn't turn out. I seem to jiggle the camera and get double or blurry exposures, something I thought wouldn't occur with a digital camera, but it does. So back to the drawing board, err photo shoot board to do over.

This morning I emailed my doctor, who hasn't heard from me in over a year. I still haven't heard from her, but it is Monday at her office too and she probably has a zillion messages starting from Friday night. (So now I wish I had emailed her on Friday night.)

Of course, fearing the worst as I always do, I am assuming that I have fallen out of her data base... I had assumed that paying the fee for the email service would keep me in the database. Maybe it's just some cosmic super data base and not the actual doctor's database. Anyone reading this can see where it is leading and I hope laugh along with me. (I know I am not the center of the universe, but sometimes for just a few minutes or even nano-seconds, I sure would like to be.)

One thing did work, a widget on Squidoo that puts a countdown counter on a lens. Very cute. I will add some more to other lenses just to do something that works. (This is on my Counting Down to Christmas lens.)

I also added a few things to my Etsy yesterday. I am quite excited and actually daring to hope about Etsy, as opposed to so many other things, that it will actually work. The standout feature that distinguishes it from other venues is the "Showcase". Twenty-four hours of actual, you know it is there, paid advertising that is inexpensive and targeted. I plan to try this as soon as I am satisfied with the pictures I am posting. (Or some other perfectionistic procrastination device is satisfied!)

Lately it seems that wherever I turn I hear of projects that have helped somebody in the third world for a donation of a few hundred dollars get started with something. (A cow, a goat, making bicycles, whatever.) Etsy is one place where Americans can get started for a very low fee. (Provided the individual has a computer or computer access and a digital camera--or a friend with one.) This looks like the perfect thing for someone with a disability to do to earn that little, little bit that Social Security allows. Even that little, little bit could make the difference between debt and dignity, depression and a sense of usefulness. I am experimenting partly because I do so need to find something that works for me and partly because I am actually working on the book, Downsized: Finding New Ways to Work. (My little, little bit of HTML just worked too--the day is looking up!)

Time to go try those photos again.

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