Friday, March 21, 2008

Holy Week, Good Friday

The music continues and the liturgy stirs our hearts and souls. All of the mourning of the human heart is focused on this day. The Improperia of the Good Friday service is one of the last bits of Greek in Roman Catholic liturgy (along with the Kyrie). I loved singing this music when I was young and last night had the moving experience of listening to it on my portable CD player a gift from a very dear friend. Tonight I will listen again and pay attention to the notes that come with the CD. The version of the music I am familiar with is Victoria; I think the CD is a setting by Mozart with a fabulous choir, that of Westminster Abbey.

Listening on the CD is not as good as being able to attend the services, but it is better than no Good Friday music at all. I am so grateful for it.

Soon I will see if the tapes that I have that are over ten years old are still good enough to play through my little tape recorder and then I will put the software for converting tapes to CD onto my desktop and see what I can do to recover some of the choir music for my own use. I hope that they will not mind. The tapes are another group of things that I have been saving for good and it is time to recover the music.

A blessed Good Friday to all.

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