Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday again

I can't point to one major project finished this week and yet the week has flown. Rain, expected on Wednesday, Thursday and today hasn't materialized. My schedule has twisted and turned and twisted back on itself as others schedules have changed, so at least, I guess I can say that I am flexible! (At least to a point.)

Last night I found myself writing without any "block" or strain or I can't do this right now. It felt good; there was "flow"--whatever that really is. I have long maintained that writer's block is a myth; a procrastination device that we give into when we have the luxury of time on our hands or we really don't want to finish. I never had writer's block until I read too many books on writing--and most of those will clear my house in the next two months as I declutter some more.

Maybe writer's block is a result of clutter--the combined physical clutter of an overflowing work space (who really wants a paperless office anyway?) and clutter in my mind. Reduce the clutter and there is more space for positive energy, concentration and productivity.

By accident the other day I tuned into Oprah and saw again the episodes featuring the woman who must truly be the "Queen of Clutter". It was truly nearly unbelievable and if it had been in print instead of video it would have felt exaggerated. There it was: 3000 square feet and more because of the garage of clutter. I look at my humble mess and say with gratitude, "Thank God there is no way that I could do that", but there is new resolve to continue ridding myself of the clutter.

Having some space just for space makes much more sense to me now than it once did. The front hall really isn't a storage/clutter area. Onward with the excavation.

I also realized after watching this program that direct sales as a home-based business is probably not the best self-employment opportunity for the shopaholic or the confirmed clutterer. Such momentum these businesses have for buying more! Just this week I have been getting the new quarterly announcements from my director urging me to consider that I will need, "5, 10, even 15" of each new product to serve my customers. I should have so many customers! I let my customers tell me what they need and then I order. I have a dedicated space for the business--no more. It is all together and I can control it. This feels good and may be a foundational step to making it grow and become profitable.

Well, this has rambled--the problem with the blog when I don't have a specific topic in mind. It is a good day and a sunny one, even though it was supposed to rain. A good omen, perhaps.

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