Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Working from Home

Working from home is a trend followed by a number of blogs, web-sites and even Squidoo lenses. (I have one called Downsized:Finding New Ways to Work. Check the web links to the right.) One of the most traditional ways of doing this (since the 1930's so that is probably long enough to constitute a tradition) is the "party-plan" or "multi-level marketing company." Just about everything, from laundry soap to face care products, color cosmetics to pots and pans can be sold this way.

The companies are called "party plan" because the major method of sales is the in home party in which one person invites friends to come and see the products. The hostess usually wins a prize of some product and her guests are given small items as well. In addition to seeing the products the guests hear the pitch about having a party of their own and/or becoming "consultants".

They are called "multi-level" because they rely on team building to build commission income and people can rise in the companies to the level where they will actually earn insurance and retirement benefits, which most do not.

I have had a Mary Kay business for several years. I love the products, love the social interaction with my customers, love being of service to others and love being able to earn some income in addition to my disability benefits.

This would have been a better fit for me, of course, when I was young, mobile (and drove) and knew more people. Still it is fun.

My niece has just become a Pampered Chef's Consultant. When her website shows, I will add it to the links list. Years ago her grandmother, my Mama sold Avon, so I guess this runs in the family.

We like to be independent, serve others and earn our own way. There are other ways to work at home--the web makes some of these easier and certainly makes networking much easier. I will be exploring more of this in the Squidoo lense.

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