Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday's Glory

Today I got outside for the first time since well before Christmas to look at and photograph my daffodils. They are almost all blooming at once this year as though they couldn't wait any longer and had to spring up and shout! Their bright yellow, the color of sunshine itself, is so cheering and beautiful. Five had flopped over onto the ground and when my housekeeper, who is also my dear friend, came this afternoon she cut those for me so that now they cheer up the end of the kitchen counter.

So I have been indulging myself all day, first in being outside and taking pictures--not as good as the ones that M takes, but they don't all have to end up on cards and mugs--and then in reading favorite blogs.

My friends who blog in frozen Minnesota make me glad I live in California. Seraphic is fun to read and I am eagerly awaiting her book which should arrive tomorrow.

I glued more Valentines and sent out a bunch and am resisting the temptation to end the day with chocolate--maybe Thursday, on Valentine's Day.

Not much, certainly not world-shaking, but it was a good day.

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