Monday, February 4, 2008

One Hundredth Post

How quickly time does go by! I can't believe this is actually my one hundredth post. Guess I'm wordy enough after all. Over the weekend I discovered the my squidoo lenses had been languishing and so began fiddling with them. This is fun. The format is good with modules that are reasonably easy to use. The marketing part is always the most difficult.

I also discovered that I had printed out the correct file for my novel after all and now I can do a search for the next section--the Irish famine section. The hard copy is in the living room (part of the clutter) and the computer files are there on the computer. Better organization is needed. A theme of my life.

The weather continues to be colder than normal. The sun shines, but without clouds last night it seems colder. Supposedly it will warm up to near normal by the end of the week and everyone is going to be grateful, I am sure! Still it is good to see that water may not be as much of an issue as it threatened to be. We are still part of nature and dependent on it for so much of our lives.

Now if I could just find out why natural gas has been so expensive this year. I would like to see Congress look at and regulate this, as well as the oil companies. They have the mandate to do so right there in the Constitution. It's time we hold them to it.

Lent begins in two days. A little too soon, but nonetheless, it is going to be Ash Wednesday day after tomorrow.

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