Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday, Mittag

Mittag, the middle of the week. I always begin the new week on Monday feeling as if I have a huge, luxurious stretch of new time ahead of me. Time for new beginnings, new projects, new deadlines, finishing old ones. By Wednesday I am starting to feel harried, there isn't enough time, I'm not going to get it all done. Yesterday I was hit by the cold weather hanging on and a case of winter blahs so that the post-polio syndrome surfaced to the top and I ached all over and couldn't ignore the aches; was cold and shivery and couldn't get warm and just gave up and napped and curled up in warm places--which is not where the computers live.

valentine designs need to be finished on CP, publicizing needs to be done, mushrooms need to be sauteed and frozen for later use, the dishes and laundry need doing. I can take my pick! None of them appeal, but there is at least a long list to choose from.

Monday night I discovered that I was editing the wrong file from my novel. Carefully, lovingly editing the file that was not the last edition. So now there is that to take care of too.

The Amaryllis now has two full-bloom flowers and two buds. Very pretty and delicate.

Some advice to young newlyweds came into my mind as I began this post--so it seems that the bloom is off the rose, prune and nurture the bush that it may re-bloom. I see my roses in my mind's eye, sitting out in the cold now, looking quite forlorn. They need pruning and when it warms up a bit, feeding. They were glorious last year after attention was given them. I think it is a good analogy. I will pass it on.

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