Friday, January 4, 2008

Weather Watch, Wind and Rain

Today the storm is passing over and it was a grand one! Not my favorite kind of weather by any means because of the fear that accompanies the wind. Power outages in winter are not something to be taken lightly, even in mild California. So I sit here listening to my furnace furnacing a way, giving thanks for the light (from compact fluorescent bulbs shining over the dining room table and using the laptop. Praise God the power is on! I am so grateful.

Weather makes us aware that humans truly are not in charge. There are other forces bigger than we are. We could manage our resources better. Here are some thoughts on that.

Make sure that everyone in our neighborhood or community who is elderly, disabled or fragile in anyway has someone to contact them in case of bad weather. Have some community resources of generators that can be loaned out for those who are housebound, bedridden or terminally ill.

Make sure that there are volunteers who will do things like cleaning gutters and street water drains for those who cannot manage this themselves.

Pay taxes to help those who cannot trim trees get it done. This is part of taking care of the common good for if the untrimmed tree puts the power out and the wait for restoration is two days, it isn't only the poor person (likely also elderly or disabled) who will suffer cold and darkness, but everyone else as well.

Consider making our energy companies not-for-profit so that the money that we pay can go to compensate the crews who restore power and not the stock-holders and executives who rake in high salaries and perks.

Well, that is my rant for the day. Back to being grateful. It is more becoming to me! (And listening to the rain drops fall.)

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